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thepowertool is a powerful, single purpose system that requires no special software installation. It is simple to set up each job and simple to use

Prepare industry standard payment claims that are fully compliant with security of payments legislation in a fraction of the time it takes manually.

Manage payment for all your contracts in one place.

Your customer does not need any special software or is required to join the system. They get your payment claim, by email, the minute you issue it. They simply click and respond.

Security of payment is extremely time sensitive. thepowertool keeps track of important events.

Your records are carefully date stamped and stored off-site, for instant access when you need it.

You can store everything needed to support your payment claim, including documents, instructions, correspondence and photos. Never waste time searching for supporting documents again.

Schedule variations as you go to avoid under-claiming or forgetting to claim work done.

Your payment claims are adjudication ready, if you should need to dispute a payment.

Automatically issue Tax Invoices when the payment claim is accepted and approved (the proper way) and avoid the time and expense of re-issuing tax invoices and adjusting BAS statements.

You can protect your right to payment and avoid excessive legal and preparation costs if you have a dispute. The powertool will pay for itself in two small disputes a year (if you don't avoid them altogether).


If you are a contractor, just imagine receiving all your sub-contract payment claims by email in a simple, correct, understandable, security of payment (SOP) compliant format, complete with variations claimed and foreshadowed.

Click on the email and complete your payment schedule, with reasons, documents, photos, defects and back-charges. Click to serve.

What would you do with an extra 10 hours (estimated minimum) per week? We estimate thepowertool will save you at least 10 frustrating hours of working through different invoice formats and fighting over payment claims.

Responses are fully SOP compliant, with reasons, defects etc., If you need to defend an adjudication claim, your payment claim will stand up to the toughest scrutiny.

thepowertool is guaranteed to reduce the risk of unnecessary payment disputes.

In Qld 08/09, 74.4% of applicants were subcontractors. 88% of respondents were contractors.

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