The Documents tab is available in a number of different areas of the system. You'll find it on clients, contracts and payment claims. It allows you to add documents that are relevant to the section.

Documents may include contracts, correspondence instructions, requests for variation and variation orders, photos, drawings and sketches.

It can also be used simply to record a note, e.g. you took an important phone call and want to record it.

Loading New Documents

To load a new document or note, simply click the New Document button. This will display a new window:

The detail on the window include:


A brief description of the document and why it is there. This is not required but is very useful in identifying your documents.


The file you want to load. Press the ... button to search for the document. If you only want to record a note, you don't need to select a file.


Click this button to load the file and/or save the note. You can only click it once you have entered either a note or a filename (or both).

Viewing Documents

Once documents are loaded they will be displayed in the documents area as shown above. If you loaded a JPG or PNG image, the system will display a thumbnail of that image. Any other sort of document will be shown with a placemarker image.

If you click on the View link below each document, the document will be loaded for full viewing.


If you load a very large JPG or PNG image, the system will automatically resize the image to the equivalent of a 3MP photo.

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