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This is the heart of the system where you can make fully compliant payment claims in moments. A payment claim is made periodically to get payment for work performed so far. The payment claim follows a specific process:

  • You make a payment claim to the client. The system will generate an industry standard, fully-compliant payment claim and send an email to the client (with a copy to yourself).
  • The client opens the email and clicks on the link. This will display a web page containing the full details of the payment claim. The client will go through each item and set their approved percentage. Hopefully, this will be the same as you claimed but it may be less. They can also enter a comment next to each item.
  • The client then marks the payment claim as approved. An email is sent back to you to indicate if the payment claim was approved in full or not. The client has a set period of time to respond. If they don't respond in time, you can dispute the payment claim and force an adjudication.
  • When you receive the email you can either accept the payment claim and wait for payment or you can dispute the payment claim.
  • If you accept the approved payment claim, a tax invoice will be sent to the client and you await payment.
  • The following diagram shows the processing involved in a payment claim.


    The reference section describes the payment claims screen in detail.


    The tutorials section shows you how to work with payment claims.

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