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Security within the powertool allows you to control who has access to what functions. If there is only one user registered for the company, that user needs access to all functions and security is not required. However, if additional users have been added to the company, security becomes much more important.

The system uses a concept of user groups to control access to the system. thepowertool ships with a pre-defined set of user groups. The first step is to use the Security Setup function to determine what each user group is allowed to do. The system shows a list of the user groups and a list of the available functions. These functions control access to the menu functions, ability to add new records, to change records, to finalise contracts and submit claims. For one user group you might provide access to 90% of the available functions, while another user group might only get access to a handful of functions. At a minimum, all users should have access to the My Details and Change My Password functions so they can ensure their details are always up to date.

The next step is to assign users to the appropriate groups. You use the Find User function to find each user and add the groups to which they belong. A user can belong to more than one user group. For example, a user might be in the Accounts group as well as the Managers group. That user will have access to all functions assigned to the Accounts group AND the Managers group. If you do not assign any groups to a user, that user will have access to all functions. The only user that should be set up like this is the overall company administrator.


The Reference section describes the Security Setup screen in detail.

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