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In order to use thepowertool, you will need to pay a monthly access fee. Use this window to set up your payment details.

NOTE: thepowertool does NOT store your credit card details. We pass your credit card details to Secure Pay, a recognised and trusted payment gateway provider for over 10 years. They store your credit card details securely. Each month we simply tell Secure Pay to charge your credit card the monthly access fee.

Adding Your Credit Card Details

When you first use set up a payment you wil lsee the following window:

You will need to enter the following information:

Card Type

Select the card type you want to use. thepowertool currently accepts Visa and Mastercard.

Card Number

The credit card number.


The security number of the credit card. This is a 3 or 4 digit number on the back of the card.

Card Name

The name on the credit card.

Expiry Date

The expiry month/year on the card.

Terms And Conditions

You need to check this option on to indicate that you have read the terms and conditions. Click on the terms and conditions link on the screen to read them. Basically you are authorising thepowertool Pty Ltd to deduct a payment from your account.

Once you have entered the details, press the Make First Payment button. The system will contact Secure Pay to make your first payment. A tax invoice will be sent to your email account.

Changing Your Credit Card Details

If you need to change your credit card details after your first payment, simply come back to this window. The details displayed will be slightly different to indicate that you have already made a payment and that you are now changing your details.

The details required are the same as when you added your card the first time.

When you click the Change Payment Button the system will send your new card details to Secure Pay. Usually there is no charge. But if you are overdue on your last payment, you will be charged immediately and a tax invoice sent to you.

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