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A user represents a real person who wants to use the system. A company will always have one user. This is the person who originally signed up to thepowertool. Depending on the size of the company, one user may be all that is required. This user will have access to all the functions in the system - clients, contracts, claims, projects, etc.

However, larger companies may require more users to have access to thepowertool. The initial user can access the New User/ Find User functions to add users. WARNING: These additional users should NOT register via thepowertool website as they would be set up against a new company. They need to be set up using these functions so that the are associated with the correct company. When a new user is set up, an invite email will be sent to the user providing them with their login details.

All users should have access to the My Details and Change My Password functions so they can ensure their own details are correct.

If additional users are added, you should consider using security to control access to the various functions within thepowertool. By default, every user can access every function within the system!


The My Details Reference section describes the My Details screen in detail.
The Password Reference section describes the Change Password screen in detail.
The User Reference section describes the User screen in detail.


The tutorials section shows you how to work with users.

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