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What Do I Need?

The PowerTool uses Microsoft Silverlight, a small browser "plug-in". Silverlight is the latest technology from Microsoft that makes data-entry much easier and more secure. When you go to the main PowerTool page, if Silverlight is not installed, you will be prompted to install it. Just follow the steps. This is a once-off installation. Now you will be ready to use most of the functions of the site. It does not gather any of your personal data, or track you system in any way.

You will also need Adobe Acrobat reader to view reports. Most computers have Adobe pre-installed. If you don't have it, click here to go to the Adobe install page.

Getting Started

Now you will need to register yourself with a new account. Once you do this a confirmation email will be sent to you for security and identification reasons. In the email will be a confirmation link. Click on the link to confirm you really are the user. You will then be taken to the main PowerTool page, where you can login with your user code and password, set up your company details and off you go! By registering with the Powertool, you will be accepting electronic transfer of documents under under Australian Commonwealth and State Electronic Transactions legislation. More information on Australian Electronic Transactions legislation here.

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