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easy payment claims?

Is it possible? Every month you struggle to complete the paper work for the most important job you need to do - the payment claim! thepowertool will streamline the entire process. It will generate a professional payment claim straight to your respondent's inbox. Watch the video to see just how easy it is to make your payment claim each month!


See how thepowertool will save you and your office hours a week in paperwork and correspondence.

Set up your business details. If your details change, updating your powertool account is simple.
Add your ABN, licence, work cover and insurance details and keep track of the renewal dates.

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Customise your powertool account with your company website and letterhead logo
Upload and store your important documents in thepowertool's secure storage vault.
Add all of your clients and run all of your contracts with thepowertool.
Set up you contracts and organise your business with ease. thepowertool has been designed specifically for the construction industry by a leading construction payment expert. All of the hard work has been done, just fill in the details!
thepowertool creates a payment schedule so you will never miss a payment deadline again.
Import your contract items from an Excel spreadsheet.
Add your variations, provisional sums and defects on-the-fly.
Store your contract documents, instructions and invoices and attach them to the contract in thepowertool safe storage vault.
Make your payment claims directly from your computer.
Just adjust the percentage for each contract item, variation or provisional sum from the list and hit the submit button.
Your payment claim is then delivered directly to the inbox of the respondent using an encoded link.
Your Payment Claim. The key to successful payment is professional and quality documentation. This is the most important job you will do each month, payment really matters.
Once the respondent has made any changes, if any, that they feel necessary they hit the send payment schedule button and you will be notified by email.
Your payment schedule is now made available via encoded link.
Accept the payment schedule to release the tax invoice.
Your tax invoice is sent to the respondent as a PDF document via email.
Your powertool tax invoice.
Record your payment to keep your contract up to date.
Use thepowertool calendar to remind you of important meetings and events as well as all of your payment claim due dates.
Use the statistics page to keep tabs on your contract progress for each job. Statistics will also give you a clear indication of the health of your bottom line.

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