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construction payment solutions


Security of payment legislation is now enacted in every state and territory of Australia and New Zealand. Every business, including consultants, suppliers, trade and subcontractors, head contractors, builders, civil contractors, building owners, property developers, agents and government departments and agencies are subject to security of payment acts.

It is crucial to protect your rights under security of payment legislation, whether you are a claimant or a respondent, by ensuring that you follow the legislated process and timings.

thepowertool is designed to be fully compliant with Australian and New Zealand security of payment legislation. It ensures that you protect you right to payment by guiding you through the process and critical timing requirements of the legislation.

Industry Standard Format

You can quickly and easily prepare and send progress claims, even before you leave the site, in an industry standard format.

Set-up And System Requirements

We worked hard to make payment as quick and simple as possible.

You can set yourself up to start using thepowertool in under 30 minutes.

Set up each job in as little as half an hour, depending on its size

Prepare a progress claim in minutes.

No more poring through paperwork for you monthly claim - simply login, click through the work done and you are finished. You can complete a payment claim before you leave site.

The system has comprehensive help and tutorials. You do not need special training. Just take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the system and you are away.

Minimum System Requirements

You will require a browser that supports the Silverlight plugin. On Windows this includes Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox and Google Chrome. On Mac OSX this includes Safari and Firefox.


Don't forget another variation. The Powertool allows you to keep track of variations at the time they are incurred and notify and claim them automatically with your regular progress claims.


thepowertool maintains a list of defects that is reduced as the work is complete. This is a very important feature for both claimants and respondents to avoid 'end of contract" disputes.


Your payment claims and payment schedules are adjudication ready at all times. When a payment dispute arises, you don't have to panic; it's all there. Every day wasted adds to the risk of a bad debt.

Accounting And Tax Management

The system generates and issues tax invoices at the right time (after the payment claim is agreed), saving you time and money adjusting BAS statements.

The system integrates with online accounting and bookkeeping services, should you choose to use them. There is no need to gather up invoices and send them off to the bookkeeper or accountant at BAS time. it can all be done for you, behind the scenes.

iPhone Ready

Soon, you will be able to prepare and send progress payments from you phone, before you leave the site. No more preparing invoices and payment claims at night, after a hard day's work. Put your feet up; we've done the hard work for you.

See It In Action!

Click here to see a quick demo of how the system works.

The total value of adjudication claims in Qld in 08/09 was $234,564,850.

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